Training & webinars


Given by experts and deal with matters linked to the professional practice of creative and cultural professionals.


With occasional overlaps with offered courses, the accent is put on practice rather than theory.

What’s on offer

How to start (training)

This training is all about getting you prepared for work in the creative sector. Some of the questions we deal with:

  • What legal status is best for you?
  • What does it mean to be self-employed (ZZPer)?
  • How do I negotiate with my client?


Introduction (training)

To give you a better idea of what SMart can mean for you, we give a short introduction training. Here, we’ll work with you to check

  • what the advantages are we can offer
  • whether your legal status is the best one for you
  • if you’re applying the right tax regulations to your situation

More or different subjects can be dealt with during the introduction training, depending on your needs.

The training is free of charge, and can be held at your location provided you can round up at least 10 participants.


Tax Together (workshop)

Rather than slaving away on your own wondering how you’ll get through your tax hell this year, join our Tax Together around a large table.

A tax expert is always at hand to support you, and you can exchange experiences with your peers at the table.

We organise Tax Together workshops at each quarter’s end and change cities and locations.

You can also invite us for your own table: find 6 people to join, and we’ll support you on location.


Have an idea or a request for a training? Contact us with your suggestions!

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