An international network

SMartNL is part of the SMartEu network. Where SMartNL provides solutions for local obstacles, SMartEu concentrates its energy on reducing obstacles at a European level with the input of the local SMart offices (currently 9 countries in total). These local SMart chapters contribute to the common goal to facilitate mobility and creative work throughout Europe.


SMart, or Société Mutuelle pour Artistes, was created in Belgium in 1998. The success of the concept is best illustrated in numbers: SMartBe now offers services to some 55.000 users, SMartFr now works with some 5.000 users, and SMartIb has a presence in over 5 cities in Spain. The SMart concept is currently developed or being developed in 11 European countries, as it proves adaptable internationally: creatives deal with local laws and regulations, but the obstacles are similar all over.

New Solutions

The SMartEu network creates and provides new solutions to support mobility in the creative sector, and aims to ensure fair remunerations for creative and cultural work. We develop shared tools and services at a European level, together with our European partners. We absorb opaque regulations (on copyrights, social security, taxation, etc.) into our tools, which enables an automatic implementation and protects our users from a complexity that would otherwise slow down or bring many creative projects to a halt.


SMartEu also coordinates efforts for a better understanding of creative work, and more specifically work by the project. As a European network we are able to collect and share valuable data on the creatives and their ways of working. This will help create a better understanding of the characteristics of project-based work among policy makers. Our goal is to push for granting better and easier access to social security for creatives rather than following the current trend of systematically diminishing access.

Find out more on the SMartEu website.

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